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ASOP consists an agricultural cooperation established back in 1924 in northern Greece. It is located in Episkopi near the city of Naoussa on the foot of mount Vermion and specifically in the 23rd km along the road Veria-Naoussa.

ASOP consists of 450 members-farmers mainly coming from Episkopi and other surrounding areas. Products trading by our cooperation include mainly peach & nectarine in 15.000.000 kg/year average quantity. Furthermore there is very strong presence in the trading field of kiwi 3.000.000 kg, plum 500.000 kg, pear 500.000 kg, apple 300.000 kg & apricot 150.000 kg/year respectively. The overall product quantity ASOP trades per year, reaches 19.750 tons. This particular piece of northern Greek land is extremely gifted by nature, both in terms of geological & climatic conditions, contributing in our products high quality. This certain quality is considered to be among Greece peach & nectarine production elite and the same time to be included in Europe’s finest fruit products.

ASOP belongs its own facilities which totally cover a 20.000 m2 area.

ASOP operates according European Union standards and its farmers-members products are certified by Global GAP, ISO 22000 & AGRO 1-2 certification systems.

Our farmers-members supplied the necessary for their products procedure via ASOP owned pesticides station along with safe usage advice provided by our cooperation qualified agronomists crew. The agronomists are in direct and instant contact with our producers providing specialized guidance in order the usage of agricultural dugs to be in compliance with the rules and standards imposed by EU.

Our members products traded by ASOP in the greek fruit market both in the major fruits & vegetables markets as well as in the main super market chains. Furthermore during the past 10 years we have developed a wide sales network which scopes the russian, ukrainian, polish, belarusian, czech republic and in the main EU countries members markets. Also action has been done in order our cooperation to enter and build trading relations with middle east countries such as Egypt, Jordan and UAE.

ASOP aims in continuous improvement towards the overall cooperation internal operation. This effort includes the cultivation ways and harvesting of products on the part of producer members and their harmonization with European standards and the quality and food safety standards. As far as the merchandise trading part is concerned, our main concern is maintaining the transaction reliability spirit which accompanies ASOP brand name through the decades in the trading environment, as well as the ongoing harmonization and flexibility int the requirements and trading market change conditions.


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